Why let the wine connoisseurs and spirits enthusiasts have all the fun with mixed drinks when there are beer cocktails to be had? Believe it or not, there are a wide variety of tasty cocktails whose main alcoholic ingredient is beer. No matter what your taste preference, there is likely to be a beer cocktail out there with your name on it. Why not try out a new way to drink your favorite beer with these 5 awesome beer cocktails.

 Black and Tan

This classic layered beer cocktail involves pale ale on the bottom and stout on top. Make sure to go with classic pale ale like Bass for a true Black and Tan. Fill a pint glass halfway with the pale ale. Next, pour the stout slowly over the back of a spoon to perfectly layer it on top of the ale. Generally, Guinness is the preferred stout to use for this beer cocktail due to its buoyant properties. The Black and Tan has a unique, full-bodied hoppy bitterness quality that is truly one-of-a-kind.

 Half and Half

This is another popular layered beer cocktail involving Guinness, but instead of using a pale ale on the bottom, a lager is used. The most popular name brand lager used in the Half and Half is Harp, but any domestic or foreign lager will do. This version of the Guinness layered beer cocktail is slightly sweeter and crisper than it’s a more popular cousin, the Black and Tan.


For those who can’t decide between a hard cider and lager, they are now lucky to know that they can have both — at the same time! The Snakebite combines a lager and a hard cider in one drink. It can be layered or mixed. The taste is smooth, fruity and complex with tart notes from the apple and grain from the lager.

 The Classic Michelada

Perhaps the most exciting and zesty beer cocktail, the Michelada (or Chelada) has its origins in Mexico. It typically consists of Mexican lager beer (like Tecate, Dos Equis or Corona), lime juice, salt and some type of spicy mix generally involving Tabasco or Worcestershire. Obviously, we are partial to Mambo Chelada for the spicy mix. Add flavor to your beer with this salty, savory, spicy and bubbly concoction. Follow these easy steps to create the perfect Chelada:

  • Cut a lime and cover the rim of a pint glass with the juice

  • Salt the wet rim using a plate of salt

  • Add ½ ounce of Mambo Chelada and a lime wedge

  • Pour your favorite beer into the glass

  • Enjoy!

If you’re looking for the best beers to use for your Chelada, read about our 5 best beer selections to try.

 The Mayan Michelada

Just as there are many variations of the layered beer cocktail, the Chelada also has many variations. One of the more popular ones is called the Mayan Michelada. Created at the Tijuana Picnic restaurant in New York City, this Bloody Mary-like drink not only ads extra booze via an infusion of mescal, but this ingredient also introduces smoky, agave notes to any Chelada. The result is a more potent and complex Chelada. The drink is easily made in a similar fashion to the Classic Michelada, but simply add ½ ounce of mescal. You may also add a small amount of agave syrup if desired. Of course, the Mayan Michelada can be made with Mambo Chelada taking the place of Cholula, Worcestershire, and Maggi.


There’s A Beer Cocktail for Everyone!

There are many different beer cocktails to be had, each with their own aromas, tastes, and best food pairings. Beer by itself can be great, but there are many different ways to experience beer, including the versatile Michelada.

Are you ready to mix a Chelada? You can’t make it any better than by using our secret recipe. Skip the store and purchase some Mambo Chelada mix online today!