Alternative Uses for Mambo Chelada Mix

Mambo Chelada Mix is deliciously versatile. Graduate from the most classic use by letting your imagination flow! There are an infinite amount of recipes where you can use the spicy kick of Chelada's mix but if you need help, here are some of most popular staff favorites: 

Topo Chico PREPARADO: 

AKA a virgin michelada! Swap out the beer for a refreshing, zero calories, TopoChico! Keep the original Mambo Chelada Michelada recipe by using a frozen mug, salted rim, lime juice and half a shot of Mambo Chelada Mix. Refreshing, spicy, and no one will give you dirty look for drinking it before noon! 


Go ahead and grab your regular salty snack, now add some Mambo Chelada Mix and toss it around! Staff favorites include Lay's Classic potato chips & popcorn with the spicy kick of our michelada mix. You'll be refilling that bowl as many times as it takes you to binge! 

Mexican Street Corn

Whatever you call it or even if you prefer it on the cob or in a cup, kick it up a notch by  adding a good sprinkle of Mambo Chelada Mix. The spiciness makes the blend of mayonnaise (or Mexican cream) and cheese even better! 


Mash up some chickpeas with garlic and olive oil to get the base of this popular dip. When it's all said and done, add some drops of Mambo Chelada Mix as the secret spicy ingredient. Now watch everyone at the party try to figure out what makes your recipe better than what they've tried before! 

Spicy Cocktail Shrimp

Even if you just buy the traditional grocery store cocktail shrimp trays, add Mambo Chelada to the already prepared cocktail sauce to elevate the flavors. Now, we have a famous cocktail sauce that our sister company, Mambo Seafood, uses and it includes Mambo Chelada but that recipe is another secret story! *wink face 

Chelada Wings

Wing lovers unite! If you love wings, you'll love tossing them on Mambo Chelada. Replace the traditional buffalo sauce for Chelada and you will never go back and your mouth will water every time you think about it.  

Picante Sauce

If we're honest, we put Mambo Chelada Mix in a lot of things. We're talking about replacing those traditional picante sauces (the ones that start with T, V or C) for Mambo Chelada. Try it on scrambled eggs, avocado toast, tacos, etc... You will taste the difference! 


There you have it friends! We know you know how to make a michelada but it doesn't have to end there. Stock up now  and experiment to your heart's content. 

Be bold and remember: Mambo Chelada is bottled, Not Tamed!!