If you find yourself craving a refreshing beverage full of flavor, incredible creativity, and simple ingredients that are easy to find, look no further than the michelada. Also known as a chelada, this beer cocktail originates from Mexico. It has quickly spread across the border, taking mixology to a new level. Starting with a basic recipe of lager, salt, and lime juice. Cheladas are the perfect beverage to customize based on your upcoming festivities and variety of tastes.

Zesty, Fresh, and Spicy Chelada Recipes

Armed with a well-planned assortment and variety of tastes, the following eight recipes are variations worth trying:

Cilantro and Lime

The freshness of cilantro makes a lovely companion to the bright notes of lime in this light and colorful adaptation. Blended with a juicy mix of spice and seasoning, all you need is a crisp beer to complete the scene.

Smoky Popsicles

After a day of working under the sun, there is nothing like a cold beer or popsicle to cool you down. In this recipe, you can enjoy both, with spicy chelada mix and lime frozen to shape. Pop the treat in your mug of ale and let it dissolve into a tasty reward.

Dark and Spicy

You do not always need to go with a light beer. For those who favor a porter or stout, try adding some smoked chipotles to the pint glass along with a squeeze of lime. Traveling to the dark side has never tasted better.

Sriracha and Bacon

Salt and heat come together beautifully with the addition of bacon and intense sriracha. With an extra touch of tangy sweetness, this chelada is like breakfast, lunch and dinner all served up in an icy glass.

Pineapple and Tequila

Enjoy a tropical fiesta with the exotic combination of pineapple and white tequila. Requiring a peppery foundation and an unusual blend of ginger and spices, this cocktail is a mixologist’s dream.

Red Michelada

Like a gorgeous sunset, the colors in this libation come from a skilled separation of tomato and orange. Added to a cold light beer, the mixture’s robust heat and energizing citrus flavors taste as inspiring as they look.

Con Camarones

Make your chelada into an appetizer with luscious shrimp and chile rimming a chilled glass. Add a little orange juice and lime to the spicy blend, for a cocktail that gets everyone in the mood for an outdoor barbecue or seafood taco night.

Tequila and Sangrita

Fruity, tart, spicy and sweet, this version has it all. The rich flavor of grenadine is lightened with lime and orange, all united with the amplifying effect of white tequila. After slowly pouring a light beer into the mix, you get a lovely essence of each ingredient with every sip.

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