Is your favorite beverage the magnificent Michelada? Maybe you have heard a lot about it and always wanted to try it out for yourself? The perfect opportunity to indulge in this thirst-quenching concoction is coming up on July 12th―otherwise known as National Michelada Day. Best of all, by using a great Michelada mix, it will be very easy to serve up these delicious drinks to your friends and family.

What is Michelada or Chelada?

If you have never enjoyed the delectable creation that is a Michelada, then you are in for a treat. It is ideal for those who want to upgrade their usual beer to something a little bit more flavorful. Made by blending a beer with spices and sauces, a splash of lime, and sometimes even tomato juice, this beverage is the drink of choice for many. Different flavors unite in a clever combination to create this unique and refreshing infusion.

While there are many variations on this drink, in 1996, Mambo Chelada Mix was created so that fans of the beverage would have a way to enjoy its best version possible consistently. There is no longer a need to try to figure out whether you are achieving the perfect proportion of spices as all you need to do is add fresh lime juice and the Mambo Chelada Mix to your favorite beer.

How to Make An Authentic Michelada

Making a Michelada is easier than you can imagine. First, choose your glassware with purpose. While you can serve a Michelada in whatever kind of glass or mug you choose, we have found that there is one surefire way to highlight this beverage and delight its aficionados. Take your mug or glass and chill it until it is ice cold. This produces a much better result than adding ice to your drink.

Then, dip the rim into salt. The best way to get the salt to adhere evenly is by wetting the rim of the glass with a cut lime. You can also play with whatever kind of salt you prefer, trying things such as kosher salt, sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, or even Hawaiian black sea salt if you are looking for that dramatic effect. Spice fans can add their spicy powder of choice, such as Pika Mambo or Tajin, to the rim for an extra kick

Next, add lime juice inside the mug. Using a newly squeezed lime will produce a fresher-tasting drink, but if you only have bottled lime juice on hand, that will work too. The amount of lime juice you use depends upon how citrusy you want the final drink to be.

After that, add ½ oz of Mambo Chelada Mix and finish your drink by slowly pouring in a cold beer. While any beer would taste delicious, Mexican beers are preferred because they are traditional. However, here is another chance to discover which beer you like the best for this purpose. Experiment with domestic, imported, and craft beers until you find the one that creates your favorite version of the Michelada drink.

Celebrate National Michelada Day

Since July 12th is National Michelada Day, why not start a new tradition with your friends by hosting an annual event featuring this amazing drink? Host a party and give your guests the opportunity to experiment offering a variety of salts and beers for them to create their own individualized micheladas. Serve traditional Mexican or Tex-Mex food, or even go a little fancier with some finger foods such as mini quesadillas or potato puffs. Whatever you choose will complement your Michelada drink nicely.

Order Your Michelada Mix Online Today

Don’t miss out on the chance to create your own celebration for National Michelada Day on July 12th. Be sure to buy your Michelada mix from Mambo Chelada so you can build your festivities around this perfect blend. Spice things up and cool them down at the same time!