Those looking for an excuse to drink and make merry will find one on Cinco De Mayo. For decades, the 5th of May has served as a huge celebration and reason to party for hundreds of thousands of individuals. This year, consider paying a little homage to Mexican authenticity while partying it up by partaking in one (or all) of these excellent drinks:


As an irreplaceable classic, the Michelada should be a part of any―and every―Cinco celebration. The Michelada is a more flavorful approach to beer and one that has existed in Mexico since its invention in the 1970s.

A Michelada starts with a base of ice-cold beer (or “cerveza”), then spices and lime are added to create an extra zing. While there are countless recipes to create this tasty drink, the easiest―and most delicious―way is to use Mambo Chelada mix. This mix provides a perfect balance of flavor and spice that compliments your favorite beer. This mix can be easily stored, transported, and shared amongst friends on the most eventful of days.

Salsa Bloody Mary

Bloody Marys are classic mixed drinks welcome at any occasion, but the standard versions simply don’t have the spice needed to make the Cinco de Mayo cut. That’s exactly why the Salsa Bloody Mary exists. It’s much like the traditional drink – tomato juice, veggies, vodka – but with more kick, using actual salsa and hot pepper sauce. To make mixing simpler and quicker, sub the hot pepper sauce with a serving of Mambo Chelada mix for a significant flavor boost.


Sangrita―though equally as enjoyable―differs from the classic sangria drink. While the more well-known drink involves almost exclusively fruit, a Sangrita is more like a Bloody Mary, just a bit sweeter. The tomato juice is joined by pomegranate juice, orange juice, and a splash of grenadine along with tequila and a dash or two of Worcestershire sauce to create a flavor as interesting as it is enjoyable. Because these drinks also involve spice in the form of hot sauce and an extra splash of lime, it is yet another recipe in which a Mambo’s ready to serve Chelada mix can be used to make mixing both faster and easier.

Cinco De Mayo 2019

Each of these drinks has a dash of Mexican authenticity, making them ideal for any Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Whether you’re mixing up a simple chelada drink with your favorite beer or looking to make another recipe with a tomato-lime-spice base, consider using Mambo Chelada when you mix things up. This spicy and flavorful mix pairs excellently with all of the essential Cinco alcohols. The mix is already balanced and easy to mix, making preparation faster so you can enjoy drinking sooner. Get ready by picking up a bottle of Mambo Chelada mix and celebrate the Cinco with a drink in hand. ¡Salud!