If you’re bored with the same-old beer and want to spice things up, why not try a chelada? This traditional Mexican cocktail also called a michelada, is chilled, refreshing, and bursting with flavor. The mix of lime, tomato, and carefully balanced spices creates an experience unlike any other.
Of course, the beer you use also makes a difference. The best beers for a michelada tend to be lighter so the other ingredients can shine. When you’re making this beverage at home, here are five beers to use with Mambo Chelada.


While you can technically use beer of any make, we stuck strictly to Mexican lagers, since that’s what was used to develop this cocktail. Among the many excellent Mexican brands to choose from, our first option is Tecate.
This brand is known for its pale color and citrusy, grassy taste that’s generally sweeter than other Mexican lagers. However, it’s still got an undercurrent of bitterness that can benefit from a chelada mix.
That slightly sweet flavor actually pairs well with the rich spices of a proper michelada. The sour lime gives it a kick that can counter the bitterness if you balance it right.

Dos Equis

If you’re looking for a cocktail off the beaten path, you can always try a darker beer such as Dos Equis. A favorite among many, Dos Equis is a strong contender on its own, with a light body that offers crisp, balanced flavor.
What happens when you add Mambo Chelada mix to a good thing? You get a cocktail that blows your mind.
The brand’s earthy tones are complemented by the chelada herbs, with a highlight of lime to bring the flavor over the top. Dos Equis’s touch of corn sweetness also plays into the spicy Mambo Chelada bite.


This list wouldn’t be complete without America’s favorite Mexican beer: Corona. Not only is it immensely popular in Mexico and abroad, but it’s the perfect candidate for a chelada upgrade. Its flavor is commonly described as weak, with neither sweetness or bitterness.
Historically, micheladas were ordered to quench a craving for vibrant flavors. Corona is just such a beer that needs this exciting touch. When combined with salt, lime, and spices, it’s easy drinkability transforms it into a truly refreshing beverage perfect for hot summer nights.

Bohemia Clasica

On this list, Bohemia Clasica stands out as the beer with the strongest flavors: Herbal, caramel, corn, and bitterness are all readily identifiable. However, this lager is known to be somewhat watery, which lends itself to a good michelada.
Although brands with more body can be used with this mix, you get the best results with thinner beverages. Remember, the mix is going to affect consistency. If your beer starts with a full-body, it may pass optimal drinkability once you add Mambo Chelada. Thinner brands such as Bohemia Clasica, on the other hand, can benefit from this change.

Negra Modelo

Like Dos Equis, Negra Modelo is a darker beer that nevertheless makes a great michelada. It’s well-known for its rich flavor and medium body, making it a tempting drink in its own right. Its taste has been described as earthy and fruity, with a touch of caramel sweetness.
In this case, the addition of a chelada mix isn’t to cover flavors, but to enhance them. The spices blend well with the earthy undertones, the salt complements the caramel, and the lime adds a zing to the existing fruity flavors.

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Image Credit: Shutterstock/Oksana Mizina