It’s a hot summer day, and you can’t wait to take that first sip of your freshly mixed, authentic michelada. Or maybe you’re still earning those vacation days, and the closest thing in your kitchen to michelada goods is a few dark stouts. While Mambo Chelada mix tastes delicious with all kinds of beers, there are a few specific ones that pair particularly deliciously.


This beer has been around since 1944 after getting its start in the Mexican town of the same name. On its own, the drink is refreshing, crisp and light with nice malty vibes. It’s no wonder why this beer is one of the most commonly used in restaurants as a base for the classic chelada. This delicious beverage is tasty enough to keep your cocktail simple and flavorful with the usual michelada ingredients, but it also packs additional fruity notes of citrus and apple for a bit of a twist.


From the beachy West Coast town of Mazatlán comes another refreshing, authentic Mexican beer. This pilsner is a clear blonde beverage that was originally imported by a group of enthusiastic surfers. After sharing the brew with friends and family back home in Southern California, the demand for the drink grew across the state. Today, bartenders sometimes leave out the tomato juice element of this cocktail to emphasize the combination of Pacífico, classic seasoning, sauce, and fresh lime. Whichever style you prefer, a michelada with this beer will transport you to the beaches of the Pacific with a single sip.

Bohemia Clásica

This pilsner is a darker one. It is a heavy Mexican beverage with a well-rounded malty, sweet flavor. This is a unique pairing for a michelada as it offers a rich blend of flavors. Bohemia Clásica provides a good degree of carbonation and deserves a spot on any michelada list.

Dos Equis

Another delicious concoction from Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery in Monterrey is Dos Equis. This highly popular brew has been taking America by storm, and it continues to be a common choice for michelada drinkers thanks to its crispy and light-bodied finish. Originally brewed in 1897, Dos Equis has made itself a household name by providing a quality, competitive lager. This tasty, earthy beer is made with the freshest hops and spring water to offer you a pure canvas for a delicious michelada. As one of the most popular Mexican imports, you can find this malty beer behind nearly any bar to get your fill.


For a darker brew that goes down easily, this Vienna lager-type beer is the perfect drink to create a michelda with a kick. Match this deep beer with a plate of spicy Mexican food and a table full of good company, then let the malt and light carbonation even out the heat. The essence of caramel and a hint of nuttiness linger with each sip and create a lively, memorable flavor. This beverage offers an easy, lighter body, making it the ideal base to mix up some micheladas with friends.

Make the Best Chelada With Mambo

If you plan to use an authentic Mexican or Mexican-styled beer for your michelada, you will want to use the best ingredients on the market to provide the fullest, most refreshing flavor. While there are plenty of beers to choose from, only Mambo Chelada contains the perfect blend of spices to transform your beverage from “basic” to “boss.” Be sure to get your hands on a bottle of Mambo Chelada and give your cocktail bar a spicy sidekick.