What is a Michelada?

Micheladas or Cheldas are a traditional Mexican drink. The main base of this drink is always an ice-cold beer enhanced by a spicy sauce and lime juice. Variations of the recipe might include tomato juice and/or Worcestershire sauce.

It is important to note that even in Mexico there is a constant debate between what name should be used to call a spiced beer. The two main names are Chelada or Michelada. Some claim that the name varies depending on the region it’s being served. Some others say it depends on the ingredients. To settle the debate, we have created an original recipe of spices that we proudly call Mambo Chelada.

The History of Micheladas / Cheladas

Micheladas/Cheladas were popularized in Mexico when people started to crave a more flavorful beer. Thus, the quest for different and more creative ways to serve beers started. According to modern culture, there are different legends about the first time this drink was served. One legend says that in the 1940’s Mexican general Augusto Michel liked to drink his beer with spicy salsas and therefore claiming he is the original inventor of the michelada. Another legend claims that Michel Esper invented the drink in the 1970’s. Michel was the owner of a sports bar in San Luis Potosi (a state in Mexico) and with time, customers named the creation a michelada. The third legend, and probably the most known, states the name is the contraction of the phrase “Mi Chela Helada”. Chela is the nickname of Cerveza (beer). This roughly translates to “my frozen beer”. Truth is that regardless of how the name came to be this drink has become a staple of Hispanic and Latin culture.

How to Prepare a Mambo Chelada

Mambo Chelada saw the need of creating a consistent and flavorful recipe that enhances the beer experience. Mambo Chelada Mix is the perfect blend of spices. To prepare a Mambo Chelada at home you need 4 ingredients: Mambo Chelada Mix, salt, lime juice and your favorite cold beer. Now, follow these steps:

1. Rim a cold mug with salt. Use a cut lime to wet the rim for the salt to stick. If you want a little more kick, use a spicy powder.
2. Squeeze lime juice inside the mug.
3. Add ½ oz. of Mambo Chelada Mix.
4. Slowly pour in your favorite cold beer

Mambo Chelada mix is available by the bottle in our online shop!

Why Mambo Chelada is so Delicious

Mambo Chelada has been around since 1996 and we put a lot of thought and effort into having the perfect recipe. Our Mix is the perfect blend of spices that seamlessly mixes with any beer to give each sip the right spicy kick. Our actual recipe is secret but the trick is in the preparation! Listen up, here is our master trick: The cold mug. That’s right, the mug. Our authentic michelada mix has been perfected so that all you have to do is pour it in but many make the mistake of watering down the drink by using ice. That’s why we always recommend using a cold mug! Be a Master in Chelada drinking and keep some mugs in your freezer at all times ready to use when that thirst kicks in.

How to Prepare a Mambo Chelada

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