If you’ve been drinking Chelada from a can, you haven’t fully experienced the fresh flavor potential of a properly mixed chelada. The perfect chelada is a celebration of beer and michelada mix that can only be achieved by preparing it with the freshest ingredients and to the specific taste of the individual.

If you have never tried a chelada, make sure your first experience is with a quality mix like Mambo Chelada Mix so you can get the most authentic and flavorful introduction to this unique cocktail. Often called a beer cocktail, this traditional Mexican drink has fans throughout the world.

What Is a Michelada or a Chelada? 

Often used interchangeably with chelada, a michelada is a Mexican drink that combines a cold beer with lime, salt, and a variety of seasonings served in an ice-cold salt-rimmed mug or glass. The ice-cold mug is necessary, since using ice in the drink will water it down and reduce the flavor.

Traditionally Mexican beer is used, although any beer can serve as a base for a michelada. The spices used in the mixture vary according to the recipe but usually include a type of chili peppers and hot sauce.

Tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce are also common additions, but more unique variations include surprising spice combinations and seafood sauces. No matter which ingredients are chosen, the most flavorful concoctions are those that focus on fresh, flavorful ingredients.

What Makes the Best Michelada? 

Michelada comes in many variations, from canned chelada to premade michelada mix. Different tastes call for different preferences, but most fans of this drink agree that the freshness of the ingredients leads to the best tasting result. One downside to canned michelada mix is the inability to mix according to individual taste.

High-quality mixes like Mambo Chelada Mix can be prepared according to the preferences of each individual, and the freshness of the ingredients leads to the most flavorful, authentic drink.

Although most fans of this drink agree that Mexican beer is the most traditional choice, many individuals are exploring flavor combinations of chelada mix with other types of brews for a unique taste. For those who like to experiment, you can try different varieties of salt or mix with a specialty craft beer.

How To Prepare Mambo Chelada Mix

Unlike canned mixes, Mambo Chelada Mix can be customized according to each person’s taste. When preparing the Michelada, you can use your choice of beer and decide how much lime to include.

Although the recipe includes a recommended amount of mix to include, this can also be customized according to taste. Since this mix already includes the perfect blend of spices and seasonings with fresh ingredients, making an authentic chelada is as easy as completing a few simple steps.

  • Start with an ice-cold glass or mug.
  • Salt the rim of the glass or mug.
  • Squeeze in some fresh lime juice.
  • Add one-half ounce of Mambo Chelada Mix.
  • Pour in your Mexican beer or other beer of choice.
  • Enjoy your refreshing, flavorful, Michelada.

Try Mambo Chelada Mix, Stop Drinking Canned Michelada

If you are a long-time fan of the Michelada or if you have heard about the delicious taste and want to try one for yourself, choosing Mambo Chelada Mix will give you the perfect introduction to this drink. The freshness of the ingredients and the special blend of spices make this exciting mix the superior choice for michelada fans all over.

Created in 1996 to give chelada lovers an easy way to fix the perfect beer cocktail, this mix allows you to enjoy a traditional taste or change it up with different brews. Check out the Mambo mix and merchandise today to enjoy your perfect chelada any time you want.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Brent Hofacker